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Super tips to apply Makeup Highlighter

A makeup highlighter is a special cosmetic that you can use to highlight the high points of your face. It looks like a shimmery dust or a matte powder. It resembles gold or bronze dust greatly. However, the difference is that you must apply a highlighter only on some points of your face, not all over your face.

Although a makeup highlighter is a very useful cosmetic to use, it can wreck havoc for your makeup if it is not used properly. To highlight your makeup properly, you must follow the tips given below.

Ways To Use Makeup Highlighter:
– Clean and moisturise your face as usual. Then apply the foundation or base of your makeup. At this point, look carefully into the mirror and decide which are the parts of your makeup you would like to highlight.
– Mark those points by applying a little bit of highlighter. Then finish the rest of your makeup like applying rouge, eye shadow, lip colour etc.
– After this, apply any finishing touches that you would like to add to your makeup. This could be gold dust or a makeup fixer, some extra mascara etc.
– Usually you apply highlighter to the cheekbones. If you have high cheekbones, then it is all the more accentuated by the effect of the makeup highlighter. Add a stroke of highlighter just above the line of your cheek. Then use a thick brush to blend it in with your rouge.
– Highlighter can also be applied to your eyes. It makes your eyes appear larger. Add a dash of highlighter to the extreme corner of your eyelid just under the brow. Use an eye shadow brush to work it down to your lash line. Now when anybody looks at you, they will see your eyes first.
– Highlighter can also be applied on your nose. Add a touch of a matte highlighter to the centre of your nose temple to make it look pointed.

For makeup troubleshooting tips: Email us at

image courtesy: “Judie & U” Academy


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More News on The Lagos Makeup Fair

Hello Ladies…
Here’s a continuation of the exhibitors that were at the Lagos Makeup Fair;
Deva Petals is a brand which is into skincare and sexual enhancement. They provide bridal body glow services as well as Henna. Mrs. Maryanne Maruwa the CEO of Deva Petals said she has been in the business for 5 years and had discounts for all those who came for the event.
Sasha Cosmetics & Makeup was up next. What I got to find out is that it is a Trinidad and Tobago brand and specially made to suit women of color especially the black women. Currently they are trying to break even into the Nigerian market and they have gained a good leverage so far. The brand is well known for about 10years internationally, so I hope that it will make a great impact in Nigeria.
This next brand is one I fell in love with because the name reminds me of a song by Maroon 5 called like Jaga. Yep the name of the brand is called Jaga beauty and they specialize in eyebrow shaping. They offer personalized training, 3day eyebrow classes and 1 month professional course. Ngozi Atta the owner of this brand has been in the beauty industry for 5 years and had a 15% discount for services rendered on that day and products sold.
Marjene and Tenny Coco; two international makeup professionals came all the way from the UK to grace this event. Jennie Tabi specializes in botanical skincare as well as professional makeup services and Teniola Kashaam is a beauty consultant.
Leries Accessories owned by Chioma Eronini was also at the event. She specializes in sales of all accessories and jewelry as well as handmade accessories for all occasions and events and has various branches in Lagos and Abuja.
Dazzle Makeup and Cosmetics was on board this event and offered 30% discount on all products and services rendered at this event.
Honeyluks Makeovers owned by Nene Batubo was there too to showcase what they had.
Monade Skincare and Barry M Cosmetics that was advertised as part of those launching at this event was there with all products of Barry Morre and ready to attend to customers.
Finally, I got talking to Beauty Overdoze magazine; the 1st luxury magazine in Nigeria which showcases fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle. This magazine is owned by a makeup professional, Mrs. Enih Balogun who also owns the popular Lise Beauty Range. The package offer for this magazine is to subscribe with just a token fee of 2,800 naira and get a free zaron makeup product. ( I didn’t hesitate to do so).

Well, that’s about what I have for you on the Lagos Makeup Fair, pictures up in a bit. Join in the buzz and Stay Connected!!!

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The Lagos Makeup Fair Update

Lagos Makeup Fair

Lagos Makeup Fair

Hello Ladies…
The finally long awaited 1st edition of the Lagos Makeup Fair took place this past Saturday, the 8th of September, 2012. It was truly an exciting event to attend as professional makeup artists came out to showcase their products, show their skills and celebrate the beauty of makeup artistry.
I was surprised at the display of professionalism showcased at this event and I wished I was an exhibitor. (Lol!) Some makeup professionals practically brought their whole studio to the event just to show that they have got what it takes to enhance the beauty in you. (Pictures of that in a bit). I wondered how they were able to transport such luggage. It took quite some time in arrangement and display.
I must also give kudos to those makeup professionals who have created their own brands and brought them out to display and sell. It goes to show that Nigerians are really setting a pace.
I got talking to all the exhibitors at this event. (It sure wasn’t an easy task going round the whole lot). I was even privileged to exchange bb pin numbers and phone numbers with some of them. (So now I know I got a variety to choose from when I need that special touch. Yippeee!!!)
Notable names in the makeup industry were in attendance and of course there was an opportunity to get a breast cancer screening.
There was so much giveaways and discounted prices on all beauty products sold. It was an opportunity for women to buy makeup in bulk and get free makeover.
Following up now is a list of exhibitors at the event and what they had to offer to the crowd.
The 1st exhibitor I spoke with was Glowglam who specializes in all kinds of makeup services and training and have been in the makeup business for 3 years. They also sell all noted brands of makeup from Zaron, Iman, MaryKay and so much more. They had 20% discount off all products as well as bridal makeup for the Lagos Makeup Fair.

Next up was Labelle Hair & Beauty owned by Erica Ifeka who has been into makeup and hair business for 4 years. They sell all makeup products and hair extensions like Peruvian, Indian and Russian hair. They launched their website at this event and introduced the collection of an international makeup brand called Makeup Forever. Their own giveaway for this event were various makeup tools such as eye collection, face collection and so on. They also had a raffle draw in place for people who bought products worth 5000 naira and more.
Beyond Faces Makeover owned by Yewande Peredrino of 7years experience in the business is also an award winning makeup artist from the Fashion & Style awards. She was also a nominee for the Nigerian Events Award, Christmas in January and lots of other awards. (Wow! Really awesome). She specializes in bridal makeup and training and organizes workshops and seminars. She had a 5 in 1 professional brush set and professional starter pack as giveaways. Well done!!!

Shades & Sparkles (a unique name I must say) was also an exhibitor at this event. Shade Adetunji, the makeup professional who has been in the business for 3 years had a 10% discount offer on all makeup products sold. She had makeup products like the 180 eyeshadow pallette, the 88 eyeshadow pallette and so much more on sale.

Tara Makeover, a pioneer in the makeup industry couldn’t have missed this event. Her representatives were there to shwocase all her brands and also to offer free makeover to all those who attended the event.

More gist of makeup exhibitors coming up soon. Join in the buzz and Stay Connected!!!

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The Lagos Makeup Fair

Lagos Makeup Fair

Lagos Makeup Fair




On 8th September, 2012 POPS

Concepts will debut the first

 Lagos MakeUp Fair (LMUF)   which is coming after a successful Abuja MakeUp Fair (AMUF) which took place 5th May, 2012.  AMUF is the first in the “The MakeUp Fair Series” which is designed to hold in different cities. The MakeUp Fair series is a makeup and beauty shopping extravaganza which is intended to give makeup and beauty professionals a great platform from which to conclude business with attendees/visitors by showcasing and demonstrating their products to potential customers.


Visitors at this fair will have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with these exhibitors and gather relevant information they need to make informed purchase decisions and also to buy products and request for services from the exhibitors at a discounted rate.


Exhibitor Categories include: 

Makeup products, tools and Personal Care:  

Wellness and Spa:

Hair Care, products and accessories:

Some participants /exhibitors include: House of Tara Intl, Colour me beautiful, Sasha cosmetics, Black Secret makeup, Lise beauty, Sleek makeup &hair,, Marjene Hair & Beauty Uk, Monade skincare & Barry M Cosmetics, Calicolors cosmetics, Arike cosmetics, Sacred Artistry, Blush beauty & Salon, Beyond faces Makeovers ,Jaga beauty makeup, Labelle Hair &Beauty,  Hegai & Esther, Gifty’s Daughter, Taries makeup world ,Honey Luks makeovers, Divaz makeup & Hair studio, Oma makeovers , Liz Glam Lashes, Maradarah Beauty Uk amongst others. 


Pops Concepts is also partnering with StandUp2CancerNaija – a team of dedicated health care professionals and anti-cancer advocates founded in 2008 with the aim of creating awareness on early detection and free screening of Breast and Cervical Cancer. Ladies at this fair will be screened for free.

Features: Free breast Cancer Screening …Free Makeovers…Makeup demos…Shopping…Fun…Networking…Food…Music…Loads of freebies for grabs, makeup/hair  brand launch by Barry M Cosmetics, Marjene Hair, Prestige cosmetics, Divaz makeup , Arike Cosmetics, Labelle Hair & Website , special appearances and lots more 

Date : 8th September, 2012
Venue:  Our Place No 7 Olufunmilayo Okikiolu off Toyin Street Ikeja LagosTime: 12 – 7pm Attendance is FREE!

Contact: For registration, Participation and sponsorship; 

Call : 08072690300 | 08037862333

E-mail : info@lagosmakeupfair.comFollow on Twitter @themakeupfair

Like Facebook Page – – 

Supported by  BellaNaija, Complete Fashion Magazine, City People Magazine,,Beauty overdose Magazine, Evergreen events,Standup2CancerNaija, Sleek Studio, Dainty Beauty &Bakery, MakeupPro , Avenues to wealth ltd, OloriSupergal Blog, Vanilla Villa Ent, Ladun Liadi blog, DLG Wears, Bubez Plaiz,, Tints ‘n’ Ties, DazzlePlus, St.Ola Makeup Studio, kronikles2012 

If you love everything makeup and beauty Dont miss this great makeup and beauty shopping extravaganza!!!

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The Lagos Makeup Fair Update

image courtesy: LMUF

image courtesy: LMUF

This event gets more exciting every minute. There are top beauty professionals that are gonna be at this event. Here’s a roll call of some of those that’ll be in attendance:

House of Tara Intl, Colour me beautiful, Sasha cosmetics, Black Secret makeup, Lise beauty, Sleek makeup &hair,, Marjenelive hair & beauty Uk, Monade skincare & Barry M Cosmetics, Calicolors cosmetics, Nina fabulous makeup, Arike cosmetics, Zaron Makeup, Sacred Artistry, Blush beauty & Salon, Beyond faces Makeovers ,Jaga beauty makeup, Labelle Hair &Beauty, Hegai & Esther, Gifty’s Daughter, Taries makeup world ,Honey Luks makeovers, Divaz makeup & Hair studio, Oma makeovers , Liz Glam lashes, Maradarah Beauty Uk amongst others.

Here’s an interesting bit…

LMUF Giveaway courtesy Monade Skincare & Barry M Cosmetics: 1 ultimate makeup goody bag and 2 Radiant skincare packages
(1x ultimate makeup goody bag consisting of – 1x coloured mascara, 1x nail file, 2x dazzle dust, 1x glossy tube, 2x nail paint and 1x makeup bag!!!! )

The radiant skincare package (worth N10, 500) contains_ papaya whitening soap, whitening body scrub, face foam pad, facial day cream, and facial glowing treatment.

Bonus : Monade skincare will also offer free skin analysis and consultation worth 5k.

Honestly, you don’t wanna miss this. You gotta be there!!!