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Home Made Skin Lightening Face Mask To The Rescue!!!

homemade face mask

homemade face mask

Hello ladies!!!

Its another great weekend here again and another time for some wonderful home made skincare recipe.
This time, we are coming up with this wonderful skin lightening home made mask which works to naturally and effectively lighten the skin. I have been trying out this recipe for a while and am glad to tell you that it does work, but it requires patience and committment *whew!!!*
The ingredients for this mask are:
* TURMERIC POWDER: (This powder/spice is an indian spice which has been used for ages to lighten the skin. It also has been used by brides a day before their wedding to get an instant glow and shine. There is a long list of skin care benefits associated with turmeric, including the treatment of acne blemishes, blackheads, dark spots and hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It helps heal and prevent dry skin, and to slow the skin aging process, and is used to diminish wrinkles, keep skin supple and improve skin’s elasticity. This sunny bright spice is also being used as an ingredient in sunscreens. It is used daily by East Indian women as a facial cleanser and exfoliant.)
*GRAM FLOUR/ BESAN: this flour is good for acne treatment, exfoliating, reduction of oil, reducing wrinkles, you name it…A good mix anytime.
*HONEY: I cannot even begin to relay the benefits of honey, but one thing you should know is that it is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antiseptic, etc. The list goes on…
*LEMON JUICE: Lemon for a very long time has been known to combat acne, lighten the skin, it alsp helps to eliminate excess oil from the skin.
*MILK: I might not be a fan of drinking milk, but I know it works great to slough off dead skin cells and keep the skin soft and supple.

Mix 2 tablespoons of gram flour, to half a tablespoon of turmeric powder well enough to break moulds that form.
Cut the lemon into half and squeeze one half of it into the gram flour and turmeric paste.
Add one and a half tablespoons of honey and just a table spoon of milk.
Stir the mix well and apply to the skin. Let it sit for 20mins max and rinse off with warm water.
Apply a moisturizer after this.

You will love the result of consistent use. But be sure to use this twice a week. The best part of it is that you can keep the remaining part of your mix for the next face mask. Yipppeee!!!

Try it out today and make your comments.
More home made skin fix soon…

Stay beautiful!!!


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The Two-Toned Lipstick Trend

Hi Ladies!!!

Have you ever heard of the two-toned lipstick trend. It sounds like a magical wand, but its just a simple and creative trend.

The two-toned lipstick trend is the method of applying two different colors of lipstick on your lips. This trend started from a simple undecided notion of women who couldn’t make up their minds as to picking the right lipstick to suit whatever they wore or the particular occasion they went for.

Most women actually left this trend to the runway shows or photoshoots, but now you will find a lot of young girls inculcating this trend to their beauty list.

The best way of achieving this look is by applying two different colours that complement each other, making sure that you are applying it neatly and using a lipliner to define your lips.

Its a trend that brings out the creative side of you and best used for night time occasion.

Ok! So why you try it out today and let us know what you think.

Stay Beautiful…

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Good Morning Ladies…
I believe your Easter break was great. I guess you all indulged. Its good to, once in a while.

So now, its time to get back to the healthy you you love and with this, I’m putting you up for a challenge.

Yes!!! It’s called “WASH YOUR FACE WITH HONEY” CHALLENGE!!! (Yippee!!!)…
About two years ago, a certain blogger came up with this challenge to enlighten women’s minds about the benefits of using natural products for your skin. God has blessed us with wonderful natural ingredients to use to nourish our skin. No wonder our ancestors and women of ancient times looked ever glowing and with a clear skin.
Honey is one natural ingredient you can benefit from. It is antibacterial and has antiseptic qualities that makes it cleanse the skin from all dirt and germs. It is also a very good acne fighter and helps to fade off blemishes and acne scars. Another quality of honey is that it acts as a good moisturizer to the skin when used, especially consistently, making your complexion glow.

So now, I have decided to re-ignite this challenge to do the same as my co-blogger did (enlightening women’s minds) and of course to give out a free wonderful makeup product which is suitable for women of colour and has nourishing qualities.

What’s this challenge about??? Simple!
All you have to do is buy original honey (I’m talking about raw or pure honey that isn’t refined or mixed with any other ingredient). Pour two tablespoon amount on your palm and rub your palm together to warm up the honey and then massage it into your face for about 15 minutes. Let it sit in for another 10 minutes for your face to receive its extra goodness and then rinse off with water.
Now the challenging part of it is that you have to do it for 2 weeks, no break. Also, you must do it either at night or at a time you are not going to apply makeup afterwards.
You are eligible to enter this challenge as long as you follow my blog and at the end of this challenge you should clearly state the result of using the honey on your face.
I’m so excited about this challenge because I can imagine some beautiful faces coming up!!! There’s also a wonderful makeup price to give away. Yaaay…

Stay beautiful…


My Personal Beauty Routine: Real Facts!!!

Me without makeup; Untreated photo

Me without makeup; Untreated photo

Hi Ladies!!!

As the topic of this post rightly says, I’m going to give you my personal beauty routine which has helped me immensely.

I have decided to share this bit with you all, particularly for those ladies/women who feel insecure and lose their confidence over their facial issues.

It is said that “your face tells the life you live”, so if you want to represent the i-am-living-the-good-life, then I’m positive that this routine would work greatly for you.

I would like to add that, those who have known me for quite a while, would believe that my routine does work, judging from the “facial experience” I have been going through. Also, in this post, I would list out products that are suitable for all skin types and how to use them.

I urge you try to leave a comment or make a contribution as I intend to make this post as interactive as possible.
So to the matter at heart…

If you are a lady/woman who has been having a tough time trying to get rid of blemishes or uneven skintone or hyperpigmentation (patches on the face) then this might interest you.
I am one lady who started suffering from acne vulgaris (acne eruption) and acne scars or what you might call black spots as a result of food poisoning and stressful lifestyle. I always did wash my face as often as I could, but left it at that. The consequence turned out to be something I have battled with for a while now.

I cannot stress less, the importance of creating your own beauty routine (of which you must adhere to) that suits your type of skin. This beauty routine I am talking about is having a facial treatment or regimen that works for you. When I started on mine, I realized how much better I looked and felt. What’s more, is that these products are natural and have no side effects.

There is a standard facial routine which is called the CTM technique, that is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can have a professional dermatologist/beautician/skin therapist give you a full and complete facial to help rejuvenate new skin cells, but it is paramount you maintain a weekly At-Home facial regimen to always keep you face fresh, free from blemish and maintain its youthfulness.
Here are a few steps of my own personal beauty routine:
Step 1: Cleansing…
Make sure you cleanse/wash your face with a soap that would not be harsh to your skin or cause it to dry out. Right now I use B-light. Its a soap that contains carotone, vitamin A and other skin friendly ingredients which deeply cleanses my face and still keeps it moist. I recommend you go for a soap/cleanser that is mild and has anti-bacterial ingredients if you have sensitive skin. For oily and acne prone skin, go for soap/cleanser that contains alpha hydroxyl and salycic acid to help minimize acne breakouts.

Step 2: Exfoliate…
When I say exfoliate, I’m talking about using natural exfoliant such as baking soda which works effectively leaving the skin automatically smooth. You could also try sugar and honey which helps to face smooth and retain its moisture.

Step 3: Steam…
Steaming the face is very important after exfoliating because, it helps open up the pores to allow for new skin to develop and products that you use to enhance facial health to really work. Before I steam, I apply honey onto my face. This will help my face be moisturized and maintain its complexion. I exfoliate twice in a week because I have an oily and acne prone skin. I suggest the same for ladies/women with the same skin type or who are working class and tend to wear makeup everyday.

Step 4: Mask…
Since I’v got an oily skin, I use a clay based mask product to mask my face. You could also make your own nutritional mask with oatmeal and honey. That works great too. But if you have dry skin, go for mask with hydrating ingredients that contain avocado and honey. You could google up the benfits. Once the mask sits on for 10mins, wash off with lukewarm water. (Do not let the mask sit in for longer time)

Step 5: Tone…
I particularly subscribe to using green tea and lemon or lime as the perfect toner for oily and acne prone skin. All I do is simply steep (boil hot water and soak the green tea bag) for a couple of minutes and add a squeeze of lemon/lime of half a ball in it. I leave the mix to cool for abt 15 minutes and then apply on my face with a cotton ball. This toner helps to even out your complexion as well as to fade off dark spots. I also recommend ginger as another powerful spot remover. Just peel off the back of the ginger, dice and boil it in very little water so that the ginger secrets its own juice. Dab the juice on the dark spots and leave overnight.

I finish off with a good moisturizer that’s water-based and meant for night time.

Note that since these products are all natural, you should not expect an overnight result as you would when using chemicals. With consistent use, you would see and love the effect.

Other important things to note:
*Drinks lots and lots of water (at room temperature)
* Cut down or avoid intake of sugary stuff, oily and fried stuff
*Take lots of fruits and veggies
*Get good enough sleep
*Always use sunscreen protection before stepping out of the house.

Ok, I’m sure these tips will go a long way for you. Do make your contributions or feedback.

Stay beautiful…

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Using Bar Soap Causes Acne

Hello Ladies….

As promised in my earlier post, here is the start of some beauty information/facts and tips…

Every woman loves to have a clear and flawless face with and without makeup. Some ladies go through the extreme and sometimes, pains just to achieve the look they desire.

In the process of achieving the desired look, some women buy all types of soap, liquid, bar and even herbal, but here’s an interesting fact you should know…

It is advisable to go for liquid soap especially to cleanse the face instead of bar soap.
Some bar soaps contain sodium hydroxide which is an alkaline that eats through your acid mantel. It is very acidic and has a high pH balance. Normal healthy ph balance soap is 4.5 to 5.6.

Acid mantel is combined on the surface on the skin by sweat and sebum, it is a protective shield which helps to control bacteria levels and prevents infection and diseases and also acts as a natural moisturizer. Some bar soap eats the facial skin which is very thin compared to your body’s skin and causes bacteria to live and grow inside the skin that can lead to acne and pimples. There are tiny hairs on the face, everywhere which you can hardly see, these hairs are called vellus hairs (usually short,thin and the color of your skin). Each one is connected with a hair follicle which produces sebum(oil) , it is a fatty acid that lubricates the hair shaft to keep the skin moist.

Ok! Enough of the dermalogical study… *winks*

What’s important to know…If you really need to use bar soap, go for the ones that are mild and moisturise the face as well. For women with blemishes, avoid the use of harsh soap, instead use soaps contain vitamin A or Retinol, Vitamine E and benzoyl peroxide.

Well, I hope this is a useful tip for all ladies out there.

Stay beautiful always…xoxo

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Back with a Bang!!!

New look

New look

Hello beautiful ladies!!!

I know you must have all missed me giving you some great tips on beauty and the likes. But I got great information for you

The kronkles2012 blog: Indira.Inc is now going to be a signature of “Judie & U” Academy.

The blog will now be focusing on giving you information and “How-To” tips, with illustrations and pictures on Makeup, Hairstyling and over all beauty care.

This media will also be an avenue to discuss all your problems of skincare, makeup enquiries and bookings.

What’s more!!!

By following the blog, you get a discounted rate on all makeup services and training that you seek and a free facial treatment…

Talk about juicy info packed for you!!! *winks*

Stay beautiful always…

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Your Face Is What You Eat

image courtesy: “Judie & U” Academy

Hey Ladies, I’v been doing a mad research on how to improve beauty and well being, and here’s what I found. I’m already working on it myself. *Whoosh!*

How does your face reflect your diet?

Sure, your diet keeps your body slim and healthy, but its impact doesn’t stop there. The food you eat—from wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to hydrating healthy fats in fish—may matter to your skin almost as much as it does to your waistline. Is your way of eating helping or hurting your complexion? Read on to see if yours passes the beauty test, and find out how you can alter what you eat for A-plus skin.

Fish, leafy greens, olive oil, and fruit are the stars of this heart-healthy diet. But the benefits don’t end there—eating Mediterranean may also protect against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. On the cosmetic front, omega-3 fatty acids in fish help keep skin-cell membranes strong and elastic.

Olive oil, tomatoes, and red wine also have antioxidants that help block the chemical reactions that lead to sun damage.

Whether you skip meat and other animal products for your health, ethical reasons, or both, you probably eat more fresh produce and whole grains as a result—good news for your skin. The antioxidants in these foods neutralize the free radicals that contribute to wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of aging.
Veggie diets tend to be low in fat, so incorporate ground flaxseeds and olive and safflower oils to help your skin retain water, making it more supple.

Cutting back on white bread, pasta, and refined sugar can also lower the stress hormone cortisol and minimize breakouts. Plans that swap in whole grains, fresh produce, and lean meats also up antioxidants, blemish-busting zinc, and collagen-building protein.
But beware of meat-heavy plans. Too much animal fat can result in an increased production of free radicals, which are thought to interfere with normal cellular processing.
Drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated. Choose fish and other lean proteins, not just red meat. Eat antioxidant-rich leafy greens daily.

Join in the buzz for more beauty tips.
Courtesy: “Judie & U” Academy…