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Good Morning Ladies…
I believe your Easter break was great. I guess you all indulged. Its good to, once in a while.

So now, its time to get back to the healthy you you love and with this, I’m putting you up for a challenge.

Yes!!! It’s called “WASH YOUR FACE WITH HONEY” CHALLENGE!!! (Yippee!!!)…
About two years ago, a certain blogger came up with this challenge to enlighten women’s minds about the benefits of using natural products for your skin. God has blessed us with wonderful natural ingredients to use to nourish our skin. No wonder our ancestors and women of ancient times looked ever glowing and with a clear skin.
Honey is one natural ingredient you can benefit from. It is antibacterial and has antiseptic qualities that makes it cleanse the skin from all dirt and germs. It is also a very good acne fighter and helps to fade off blemishes and acne scars. Another quality of honey is that it acts as a good moisturizer to the skin when used, especially consistently, making your complexion glow.

So now, I have decided to re-ignite this challenge to do the same as my co-blogger did (enlightening women’s minds) and of course to give out a free wonderful makeup product which is suitable for women of colour and has nourishing qualities.

What’s this challenge about??? Simple!
All you have to do is buy original honey (I’m talking about raw or pure honey that isn’t refined or mixed with any other ingredient). Pour two tablespoon amount on your palm and rub your palm together to warm up the honey and then massage it into your face for about 15 minutes. Let it sit in for another 10 minutes for your face to receive its extra goodness and then rinse off with water.
Now the challenging part of it is that you have to do it for 2 weeks, no break. Also, you must do it either at night or at a time you are not going to apply makeup afterwards.
You are eligible to enter this challenge as long as you follow my blog and at the end of this challenge you should clearly state the result of using the honey on your face.
I’m so excited about this challenge because I can imagine some beautiful faces coming up!!! There’s also a wonderful makeup price to give away. Yaaay…

Stay beautiful…


Author: Kronikles2012

simple ol'me....


  1. I have been doing this consistently for two years. It makes my skin glow, clears my acne and even the dark marks. It also helps to control oil.

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