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My Personal Beauty Routine: Real Facts!!!

Me without makeup; Untreated photo

Me without makeup; Untreated photo

Hi Ladies!!!

As the topic of this post rightly says, I’m going to give you my personal beauty routine which has helped me immensely.

I have decided to share this bit with you all, particularly for those ladies/women who feel insecure and lose their confidence over their facial issues.

It is said that “your face tells the life you live”, so if you want to represent the i-am-living-the-good-life, then I’m positive that this routine would work greatly for you.

I would like to add that, those who have known me for quite a while, would believe that my routine does work, judging from the “facial experience” I have been going through. Also, in this post, I would list out products that are suitable for all skin types and how to use them.

I urge you try to leave a comment or make a contribution as I intend to make this post as interactive as possible.
So to the matter at heart…

If you are a lady/woman who has been having a tough time trying to get rid of blemishes or uneven skintone or hyperpigmentation (patches on the face) then this might interest you.
I am one lady who started suffering from acne vulgaris (acne eruption) and acne scars or what you might call black spots as a result of food poisoning and stressful lifestyle. I always did wash my face as often as I could, but left it at that. The consequence turned out to be something I have battled with for a while now.

I cannot stress less, the importance of creating your own beauty routine (of which you must adhere to) that suits your type of skin. This beauty routine I am talking about is having a facial treatment or regimen that works for you. When I started on mine, I realized how much better I looked and felt. What’s more, is that these products are natural and have no side effects.

There is a standard facial routine which is called the CTM technique, that is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You can have a professional dermatologist/beautician/skin therapist give you a full and complete facial to help rejuvenate new skin cells, but it is paramount you maintain a weekly At-Home facial regimen to always keep you face fresh, free from blemish and maintain its youthfulness.
Here are a few steps of my own personal beauty routine:
Step 1: Cleansing…
Make sure you cleanse/wash your face with a soap that would not be harsh to your skin or cause it to dry out. Right now I use B-light. Its a soap that contains carotone, vitamin A and other skin friendly ingredients which deeply cleanses my face and still keeps it moist. I recommend you go for a soap/cleanser that is mild and has anti-bacterial ingredients if you have sensitive skin. For oily and acne prone skin, go for soap/cleanser that contains alpha hydroxyl and salycic acid to help minimize acne breakouts.

Step 2: Exfoliate…
When I say exfoliate, I’m talking about using natural exfoliant such as baking soda which works effectively leaving the skin automatically smooth. You could also try sugar and honey which helps to face smooth and retain its moisture.

Step 3: Steam…
Steaming the face is very important after exfoliating because, it helps open up the pores to allow for new skin to develop and products that you use to enhance facial health to really work. Before I steam, I apply honey onto my face. This will help my face be moisturized and maintain its complexion. I exfoliate twice in a week because I have an oily and acne prone skin. I suggest the same for ladies/women with the same skin type or who are working class and tend to wear makeup everyday.

Step 4: Mask…
Since I’v got an oily skin, I use a clay based mask product to mask my face. You could also make your own nutritional mask with oatmeal and honey. That works great too. But if you have dry skin, go for mask with hydrating ingredients that contain avocado and honey. You could google up the benfits. Once the mask sits on for 10mins, wash off with lukewarm water. (Do not let the mask sit in for longer time)

Step 5: Tone…
I particularly subscribe to using green tea and lemon or lime as the perfect toner for oily and acne prone skin. All I do is simply steep (boil hot water and soak the green tea bag) for a couple of minutes and add a squeeze of lemon/lime of half a ball in it. I leave the mix to cool for abt 15 minutes and then apply on my face with a cotton ball. This toner helps to even out your complexion as well as to fade off dark spots. I also recommend ginger as another powerful spot remover. Just peel off the back of the ginger, dice and boil it in very little water so that the ginger secrets its own juice. Dab the juice on the dark spots and leave overnight.

I finish off with a good moisturizer that’s water-based and meant for night time.

Note that since these products are all natural, you should not expect an overnight result as you would when using chemicals. With consistent use, you would see and love the effect.

Other important things to note:
*Drinks lots and lots of water (at room temperature)
* Cut down or avoid intake of sugary stuff, oily and fried stuff
*Take lots of fruits and veggies
*Get good enough sleep
*Always use sunscreen protection before stepping out of the house.

Ok, I’m sure these tips will go a long way for you. Do make your contributions or feedback.

Stay beautiful…