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Using Bar Soap Causes Acne

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Hello Ladies….

As promised in my earlier post, here is the start of some beauty information/facts and tips…

Every woman loves to have a clear and flawless face with and without makeup. Some ladies go through the extreme and sometimes, pains just to achieve the look they desire.

In the process of achieving the desired look, some women buy all types of soap, liquid, bar and even herbal, but here’s an interesting fact you should know…

It is advisable to go for liquid soap especially to cleanse the face instead of bar soap.
Some bar soaps contain sodium hydroxide which is an alkaline that eats through your acid mantel. It is very acidic and has a high pH balance. Normal healthy ph balance soap is 4.5 to 5.6.

Acid mantel is combined on the surface on the skin by sweat and sebum, it is a protective shield which helps to control bacteria levels and prevents infection and diseases and also acts as a natural moisturizer. Some bar soap eats the facial skin which is very thin compared to your body’s skin and causes bacteria to live and grow inside the skin that can lead to acne and pimples. There are tiny hairs on the face, everywhere which you can hardly see, these hairs are called vellus hairs (usually short,thin and the color of your skin). Each one is connected with a hair follicle which produces sebum(oil) , it is a fatty acid that lubricates the hair shaft to keep the skin moist.

Ok! Enough of the dermalogical study… *winks*

What’s important to know…If you really need to use bar soap, go for the ones that are mild and moisturise the face as well. For women with blemishes, avoid the use of harsh soap, instead use soaps contain vitamin A or Retinol, Vitamine E and benzoyl peroxide.

Well, I hope this is a useful tip for all ladies out there.

Stay beautiful always…xoxo


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