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Super tips to apply Makeup Highlighter

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A makeup highlighter is a special cosmetic that you can use to highlight the high points of your face. It looks like a shimmery dust or a matte powder. It resembles gold or bronze dust greatly. However, the difference is that you must apply a highlighter only on some points of your face, not all over your face.

Although a makeup highlighter is a very useful cosmetic to use, it can wreck havoc for your makeup if it is not used properly. To highlight your makeup properly, you must follow the tips given below.

Ways To Use Makeup Highlighter:
– Clean and moisturise your face as usual. Then apply the foundation or base of your makeup. At this point, look carefully into the mirror and decide which are the parts of your makeup you would like to highlight.
– Mark those points by applying a little bit of highlighter. Then finish the rest of your makeup like applying rouge, eye shadow, lip colour etc.
– After this, apply any finishing touches that you would like to add to your makeup. This could be gold dust or a makeup fixer, some extra mascara etc.
– Usually you apply highlighter to the cheekbones. If you have high cheekbones, then it is all the more accentuated by the effect of the makeup highlighter. Add a stroke of highlighter just above the line of your cheek. Then use a thick brush to blend it in with your rouge.
– Highlighter can also be applied to your eyes. It makes your eyes appear larger. Add a dash of highlighter to the extreme corner of your eyelid just under the brow. Use an eye shadow brush to work it down to your lash line. Now when anybody looks at you, they will see your eyes first.
– Highlighter can also be applied on your nose. Add a touch of a matte highlighter to the centre of your nose temple to make it look pointed.

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image courtesy: “Judie & U” Academy


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