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More News on The Lagos Makeup Fair

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Hello Ladies…
Here’s a continuation of the exhibitors that were at the Lagos Makeup Fair;
Deva Petals is a brand which is into skincare and sexual enhancement. They provide bridal body glow services as well as Henna. Mrs. Maryanne Maruwa the CEO of Deva Petals said she has been in the business for 5 years and had discounts for all those who came for the event.
Sasha Cosmetics & Makeup was up next. What I got to find out is that it is a Trinidad and Tobago brand and specially made to suit women of color especially the black women. Currently they are trying to break even into the Nigerian market and they have gained a good leverage so far. The brand is well known for about 10years internationally, so I hope that it will make a great impact in Nigeria.
This next brand is one I fell in love with because the name reminds me of a song by Maroon 5 called like Jaga. Yep the name of the brand is called Jaga beauty and they specialize in eyebrow shaping. They offer personalized training, 3day eyebrow classes and 1 month professional course. Ngozi Atta the owner of this brand has been in the beauty industry for 5 years and had a 15% discount for services rendered on that day and products sold.
Marjene and Tenny Coco; two international makeup professionals came all the way from the UK to grace this event. Jennie Tabi specializes in botanical skincare as well as professional makeup services and Teniola Kashaam is a beauty consultant.
Leries Accessories owned by Chioma Eronini was also at the event. She specializes in sales of all accessories and jewelry as well as handmade accessories for all occasions and events and has various branches in Lagos and Abuja.
Dazzle Makeup and Cosmetics was on board this event and offered 30% discount on all products and services rendered at this event.
Honeyluks Makeovers owned by Nene Batubo was there too to showcase what they had.
Monade Skincare and Barry M Cosmetics that was advertised as part of those launching at this event was there with all products of Barry Morre and ready to attend to customers.
Finally, I got talking to Beauty Overdoze magazine; the 1st luxury magazine in Nigeria which showcases fashion, beauty, hair and lifestyle. This magazine is owned by a makeup professional, Mrs. Enih Balogun who also owns the popular Lise Beauty Range. The package offer for this magazine is to subscribe with just a token fee of 2,800 naira and get a free zaron makeup product. ( I didn’t hesitate to do so).

Well, that’s about what I have for you on the Lagos Makeup Fair, pictures up in a bit. Join in the buzz and Stay Connected!!!


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