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The Lagos Makeup Fair

Lagos Makeup Fair

Lagos Makeup Fair




On 8th September, 2012 POPS

Concepts will debut the first

 Lagos MakeUp Fair (LMUF)   which is coming after a successful Abuja MakeUp Fair (AMUF) which took place 5th May, 2012.  AMUF is the first in the “The MakeUp Fair Series” which is designed to hold in different cities. The MakeUp Fair series is a makeup and beauty shopping extravaganza which is intended to give makeup and beauty professionals a great platform from which to conclude business with attendees/visitors by showcasing and demonstrating their products to potential customers.


Visitors at this fair will have a unique opportunity to meet and interact with these exhibitors and gather relevant information they need to make informed purchase decisions and also to buy products and request for services from the exhibitors at a discounted rate.


Exhibitor Categories include: 

Makeup products, tools and Personal Care:  

Wellness and Spa:

Hair Care, products and accessories:

Some participants /exhibitors include: House of Tara Intl, Colour me beautiful, Sasha cosmetics, Black Secret makeup, Lise beauty, Sleek makeup &hair,, Marjene Hair & Beauty Uk, Monade skincare & Barry M Cosmetics, Calicolors cosmetics, Arike cosmetics, Sacred Artistry, Blush beauty & Salon, Beyond faces Makeovers ,Jaga beauty makeup, Labelle Hair &Beauty,  Hegai & Esther, Gifty’s Daughter, Taries makeup world ,Honey Luks makeovers, Divaz makeup & Hair studio, Oma makeovers , Liz Glam Lashes, Maradarah Beauty Uk amongst others. 


Pops Concepts is also partnering with StandUp2CancerNaija – a team of dedicated health care professionals and anti-cancer advocates founded in 2008 with the aim of creating awareness on early detection and free screening of Breast and Cervical Cancer. Ladies at this fair will be screened for free.

Features: Free breast Cancer Screening …Free Makeovers…Makeup demos…Shopping…Fun…Networking…Food…Music…Loads of freebies for grabs, makeup/hair  brand launch by Barry M Cosmetics, Marjene Hair, Prestige cosmetics, Divaz makeup , Arike Cosmetics, Labelle Hair & Website , special appearances and lots more 

Date : 8th September, 2012
Venue:  Our Place No 7 Olufunmilayo Okikiolu off Toyin Street Ikeja LagosTime: 12 – 7pm Attendance is FREE!

Contact: For registration, Participation and sponsorship; 

Call : 08072690300 | 08037862333

E-mail : info@lagosmakeupfair.comFollow on Twitter @themakeupfair

Like Facebook Page – – 

Supported by  BellaNaija, Complete Fashion Magazine, City People Magazine,,Beauty overdose Magazine, Evergreen events,Standup2CancerNaija, Sleek Studio, Dainty Beauty &Bakery, MakeupPro , Avenues to wealth ltd, OloriSupergal Blog, Vanilla Villa Ent, Ladun Liadi blog, DLG Wears, Bubez Plaiz,, Tints ‘n’ Ties, DazzlePlus, St.Ola Makeup Studio, kronikles2012 

If you love everything makeup and beauty Dont miss this great makeup and beauty shopping extravaganza!!!


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The Lagos Makeup Fair Update

image courtesy: LMUF

image courtesy: LMUF

This event gets more exciting every minute. There are top beauty professionals that are gonna be at this event. Here’s a roll call of some of those that’ll be in attendance:

House of Tara Intl, Colour me beautiful, Sasha cosmetics, Black Secret makeup, Lise beauty, Sleek makeup &hair,, Marjenelive hair & beauty Uk, Monade skincare & Barry M Cosmetics, Calicolors cosmetics, Nina fabulous makeup, Arike cosmetics, Zaron Makeup, Sacred Artistry, Blush beauty & Salon, Beyond faces Makeovers ,Jaga beauty makeup, Labelle Hair &Beauty, Hegai & Esther, Gifty’s Daughter, Taries makeup world ,Honey Luks makeovers, Divaz makeup & Hair studio, Oma makeovers , Liz Glam lashes, Maradarah Beauty Uk amongst others.

Here’s an interesting bit…

LMUF Giveaway courtesy Monade Skincare & Barry M Cosmetics: 1 ultimate makeup goody bag and 2 Radiant skincare packages
(1x ultimate makeup goody bag consisting of – 1x coloured mascara, 1x nail file, 2x dazzle dust, 1x glossy tube, 2x nail paint and 1x makeup bag!!!! )

The radiant skincare package (worth N10, 500) contains_ papaya whitening soap, whitening body scrub, face foam pad, facial day cream, and facial glowing treatment.

Bonus : Monade skincare will also offer free skin analysis and consultation worth 5k.

Honestly, you don’t wanna miss this. You gotta be there!!!

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Lagos Makeup Fair!!!

Hiya ladies!

I know this bit of info will excite you, especially those who love makeup or are makeup professionals.

The 1st ever edition of the Lagos Makeup Fair. Brought to you by Pop Concepts will take place next month.
All kinds of makeup would be on display and sale.

Lots of freebies would also be given out as well as free makeovers too. *wow!!!*

What’s more?
There would be free breast cancer screening as well. *winks…*

Venue: 7, Olufunmilola Okikilolu street off toyin str, Ikeja.
Date: 8th, September, 2012.
Time: 10am-7pm

For more enquiries, visit the website at or call: 08037862333.

I’m gonna be there. Am sure you would. *hehe*

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Your Face Is What You Eat

image courtesy: “Judie & U” Academy

Hey Ladies, I’v been doing a mad research on how to improve beauty and well being, and here’s what I found. I’m already working on it myself. *Whoosh!*

How does your face reflect your diet?

Sure, your diet keeps your body slim and healthy, but its impact doesn’t stop there. The food you eat—from wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to hydrating healthy fats in fish—may matter to your skin almost as much as it does to your waistline. Is your way of eating helping or hurting your complexion? Read on to see if yours passes the beauty test, and find out how you can alter what you eat for A-plus skin.

Fish, leafy greens, olive oil, and fruit are the stars of this heart-healthy diet. But the benefits don’t end there—eating Mediterranean may also protect against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. On the cosmetic front, omega-3 fatty acids in fish help keep skin-cell membranes strong and elastic.

Olive oil, tomatoes, and red wine also have antioxidants that help block the chemical reactions that lead to sun damage.

Whether you skip meat and other animal products for your health, ethical reasons, or both, you probably eat more fresh produce and whole grains as a result—good news for your skin. The antioxidants in these foods neutralize the free radicals that contribute to wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of aging.
Veggie diets tend to be low in fat, so incorporate ground flaxseeds and olive and safflower oils to help your skin retain water, making it more supple.

Cutting back on white bread, pasta, and refined sugar can also lower the stress hormone cortisol and minimize breakouts. Plans that swap in whole grains, fresh produce, and lean meats also up antioxidants, blemish-busting zinc, and collagen-building protein.
But beware of meat-heavy plans. Too much animal fat can result in an increased production of free radicals, which are thought to interfere with normal cellular processing.
Drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated. Choose fish and other lean proteins, not just red meat. Eat antioxidant-rich leafy greens daily.

Join in the buzz for more beauty tips.
Courtesy: “Judie & U” Academy…

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The Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is back again after a huge success last year. This fashion week has been a major media in helping to make a turn around of the fashion industry in Nigeria for the better as it brings international opportunities for the Nigerian fashion designers.

“The concept behind this is to promote the development, growth and creativity in the industry by creating an impact in the Nigerian Fashion Industry beyond the runway.” Said Omoyemi Akerele; the creative director of style house files and producer of the
Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

The LFDW sponsored by mtn is goning to take place from the 24th-27th of October at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island Lagos for a period of four days in which 20 designers will showcase their 2013/14 Spring/Summer collections. There will also be a guest international designer on the runway who will be confirmed soon.

The bar has been set higher this year as there is a cash price from two million to four million Naira to be won this year. *whoosh!!!* so all creative designers, models and entrepreneurs should log onto and download application forms. All applications close on the 10th of August 2012.

More info coming up soon.
Join in the buzz!!!

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

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Makeup For Glowing Skin

The first makeup tip for glowing skin is to use the right product according to the complexion and texture of the skin. The skin makeup has the ability to give a very attractive radiance and glow to the skin. There are some makeup tips that you must follow to get a radiant skin.

Putting on concealer and foundation:
Coming to the skin makeup, First of all chose the right color that matches the skin tone and texture of the skin and apply it lightly with the sponge. Skin makeup includes foundation and if the foundation is blended well and then apply concealer or camouflage cream to hide the blemishes and dark spots. Most important makeup tips is that foundation must be well matched with the skin tone so that it doesn’t give a cakey look. Another useful makeup tips is that the foundation mustn’t only be applied on the face but the neck and jaw line also.

Eye makeup and cheek highlighter:
Eyes makeup tips play a very major role in giving a radiant look to the face. Its best to keep your eye makeup simple by applying a liquid eye linear closest to the base of the eye lashes to make them look longer. Long eye lashes add beauty to the eyes. Another makeup tips while applying mascara; you can always curl your eyelashes with the eye lash curler tool which will highlight your eyelashes.

The makeup tips for glowing skin includes cheek highlighter as it gives a very radiant look to the face and that is usually applied on the apple of the cheeks to enhance and accentuate the face. Makeup for glowing skin is to apply cream blush as it is more long lasting than powdered one which gives a natural glow to the face.

Face bronzer and lip gloss:
Makeup tips for glowing skin includes bronzer also helps to highlight the other features of your face other than the cheeks. In order to get skin makeup is to contour your jaw line, tip of the nose and lower part of the cheek with bronzer. It gives a very subtly radiance to the skin. The next makeup tips to get glowing skin are to apply lip gloss the lip applied must be applied to avoid the glass to smudge or smear.

Lastly, if you want any of the makeup tips work in order to get the glowing skin, it’s best to keep your hydrated and lively. The natural glow and shine is more long lasting and appealing and attractive than applying skin makeup

image;courtesy “Judie & U” Academy

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Hello People!
Have you ever heard of the Celebrity Grooming and Fitness training?
Well, it is the foremost educative and entertaining lifestyle and wellness program across the sub-Sahara and is currently aired on UnilagFm 103.1 on Thursdays 6-7pm and on Sundays 2:30-4pm. Loads and loads topics on how to stay fit and healthy, how the celebrities get their fitness going and so much more are topics that are discussed on the program.

But what’s New?
The Celebrity Grooming and Fitness program is organizing a seminar live in Lagos. So get a chance to hear firsthand tips on the secrets of how to look and stay as ravishing as always and improve upon your mental well-being.
This I’m sure you don’t want to miss as there will be top professionals to give talk on everything fitness, entertainment, makeup and so much more.
Professionals who would grace the event are:

DR.C. Okoro who will be talking on the topic: The Socio-Relationship between Entertainment and Mental Fitness.

Lady V Vivian Anani will discuss: A Role Model Perspective of a Celebrity

Mr KingRobert will talk on: Media and Entertainment-A Communication Art

Judith Osammor (“Judie & U” Academy) will shed light on: Makeup and the Entertainment Industry

Esther Nwachukwu will discuss: Media and Entertainment- A Vehicle for Socio Change

Edward Piper (Fitness and Celebrity Trainer) will talk on: Fitness, Celebrity Grooming and Entertainment Management
Be a part of this event and stand a chance to meet with top celebrities who are ready to give you their first hand secrets on how they maintain themselves.
Date: 11th of August, 2012
Venue: 44, LODGE AND SUITES. 44 Akinwunmi Street, Alagomeji, Yaba.
Time: 11am – 2pm
What’s more….
There will be an after party by 8pm… It’s going to be a blend of Reggae ton, Salsa, hip-hop, afro-jive and so much more.
Tickets would be sold (hmmm…it’s just a token fee) at =N= 1000 for each ticket if u want to cone for either the event or after party or =N= 1,500 to pay for both. For bookings and enquiries call on 08028940469, 07028270690 or follow edward piper on facebook
Come one, come all… This is a classified event and the first of its kind

Join in the Buzz!!!