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Pathcare in conjunction with Classic Fm organized a free medical service for Nigerians on the 28th of July, 2012.

Trust as always, Nigerians came out en-mass to get whatever medical opportunity that was available to them on that day.

Services which were rendered were Diabetes screening blood donations,eye test, dental check, Cholesterol check, Cervical screening, Fertility check, family planning, heart and kidney tests, Hepatitis screening, gastric and neurological screening amongst others.

I spoke with one of the organizers from Pathcare who told me the concept behind this service. In his own words. “The initiative behind this free medical treatment is to offer quality healthcare which is expensive, to loads of Nigerians out there.” He also added that inorder to achieve this, a group of medical professionals and practitioners came together to render services to Nigerians who were in attendance.

I also spoke with a medical doctor from Nathan Kidney foundation who told me about the turn out of Nigerians. She said that about 500 people were at the venue but they could only attend to about 350 due to time constraint. She added that this service was organized last year and that she looks forward to it being a quarterly program.
She said that some patients were open to telling all their concerns in order to get full treatment while others still withheld their cases.
She spoke of one family man in particular who shed tears about his own situation and was immensely grateful for this opportunity to get medical aid.

I got the opportunity to talk to a few people who came for treatment. Some were happy about this initiative while others said they would come for the next one. Talk about different strokes for different folks.

All in all, it was a good inititiative and ended well with lots of food and drinks and entertainment dished out to those who were present.

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