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World ‘N’ Traveland Unique Self Service Launch: How It All Went Down

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Hi there!!!

As I have bugged you about the much talked about world “N” Traveland event, well here’s a sneek bit of what the event was all about.

The World “N” Traveland kiosk and voice launch took place on the 7th of July, 2012 in 3 of Lagos’ favorite spot centres; the silverbird Galleria, The adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall and the Palms Shopping Centre, Lekki.

I had the opportunity to visit one of these centres to get information on what the travel centre has to offer and how the whole event went down.

It was billed to start at 10am, but trust Nigerians with their own time set. (*eyes rolling*)

Anyway, the Galleria was beautifully lit up and ready to take on the crowd coming in for this occasion.

I got the opportunity to talk to one of the travel agents and he gave me tit bits on wat it’s all about.

The World ‘N’ Traveland unique self service travel kiosk is a system designed for every traveller’s convenience.
this has been created through a self service machine (pictures of that in a bit) which is the first of its kind in Nigeria that will help provide to Nigerian travellers a one-stop travel service at a reduced cost.

This event was to launch the installation of 50 of the self service travel kiosk in areas of high traffic, such as the shopping malls, the airport and the supermarket in both Lagos and Abuja.

How does this work?
Well… This trend helps clients to make reservations, get latest travel tips, stay informed on the latest travel packages and lots more.

Now here’s the interesting part…
The World ‘N’ Traveland agency rolls out its loyalty card into the Nigerian market!!!

What’s that???
Well, the loyalty card is a scheme designed to encourage patronizing clients to stay hooked on to the travel service.
It is offered in three categories.
The blue card which is the entry level into the loyalty scheme (I got myself one…yaaaayyy!!!) •This card also offers you a 10% discount off their partner brands.
• You also add up purchase from friends and family in just one membership
• And all you have to do is to spend up to 1,500,000 naira to get to the next level.

The 2nd category is the silver card and the third is the gold card.

Wow!!! Enough said. Now y’all have an information of what its all about.

So log on to and get hooked on to the best travel deals!!!

Pictures up in a bit
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