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Natural Hair Meetup; What Went Down

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Hiya ladies!!!

For those of y’all who missed the opportunity of being at the hair meetup on the 30th of June, don’t worry so much so I got details for ya!!!

The Natural Hair meetup was a huge success as ladies who are “rocking the kinks” (carrying natural hair) came out en-mass despite the rain.

As against scheduled time, the event started around 3pm with everyone in great anticipation of what they were gonna learn on that day.

The first speaker, Marian (funny woman I must say) spoke on “how to care for your hair”. She gave the difference between retaining moisture in the hair (as this is paramount for hair growth) and retaining oil in the hair.

TEAM which means “Together Each can achieve More” was her watch word and told every woman to practice having a basic program for her hair regimen.

She highlighted that the hair is made up of protein called Keratin and drinking lots of water would help to strengthen the hair and increase protein growth.

The second speaker was nike Taylor a.k.a Screwyhair girl. She took us on her own hair journey and broadened our minds on the causes of hair breakage such as; split ends, tangling, harsh combs, hair styling products. Etc.
She also gave tips on how to stop split ends from recurring and products which can temporarily repair split ends.

The third speaker (whom I was particularly interested in listening to because she came all the way from the UK) was Yeni oluwaseyi from Adornment 365. Her company specializes in care of all types of hair, particularly natural hair.
Her topic was “surviving a visit to a regular hair salon”.
She advised ladies to always be in control of how their hair is being treated while at a salon and sighted that it was more appropriate to carry our hair kit while heading to a salon.

The compere, Chigo, gave us an interesting introduction of the next speaker as she described the woman as someone every woman should emulate. (Enough said!!!)
Dr vivian Oputa, a dermatologist spoke on how to care for the skin.

She mentioned that what we eat and drink contributes a lot to the outcome of our skin’s beauty. She gave the difference between beautifying foods and destructive foods.
Beautifying foods such as fish, flax seed oil, brown rice, whole grain, e.t.c and destructive foods such as sugar.

I would not forget our darling nutritionist, Mrs Sherese Ijewere who was the next speaker, as she was ready to dish out the hard facts about the kinds of food we eat, the moderation and what not to eat or drink.
Please note ladies, that for those of y’all who love to eat fruits anytime of the day, have in mind now that, fruits like pineapple and banana should not be eaten at night (especially for those who want to slim down). This is because these fruits in particular could cause insomnia (lack of sleep) and also because of their high sugar content, those of you who have a high level of sugar in your blood, you could stand the risk of increasing the sugar level, thereby doing more harm than good to yourself. *whoosh!*
So ladies, when next you go for a medical checkup make sure visiting a nutritionist is part of it.

There was also a question and answer segment of the event whereby attendees asked all questions that bothered their minds and other interesting facts.

Networking took place during the break and at the end of the show (and boy! Did I make a new friends!!!)

Items were sold and giveaways were given to those who attended.
I particularly love the shea butter that was given this time because it smells so good and feels great on my hair… Thanks Apothecary.

Pictures of the event up in a bit!!!

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