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Clear Essence Carlifornia Spa and Wellness Resort

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Hi there ladies!!!

Have you ever heard of the Clear Essence Carlifornia Spa and Wellness Resort?

Well for all those of y’all who have and haven’t heard, this is an opportunity for y’all to get a chance to know what the resort is all about.

The Clear Essence carlifornia spa and Wellness Resort is a home away from home. With exotic features, lounge, accommodation and beauty center, it promises to make you feel like you’re in a world of heaven.

What’s more?!!!

The resort has organized a unique wellness party experience for y’all. Yaaayyy!!!!

On the 8th of july, a team of wellness professionals all the way from Canada. *eyes popping!!!* will be at the resort’s experience party to give talks on the latest innovations in Aesthetic Medical procedures, Skin care, Rejuvenation and Body sculpting!
Also treatments for Frown lines, Wrinkles, Excessive sweating(armpits & hands) Keloids and Scars, Eyelash Growth and Chronic headaches will be given on that day. Wow!!!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Once again,
Date: Sunday, 8th July, 2012

Venue: Clear essence Carlifornia spa and wellness resort, 13 Alexander rd, ikoyi.

Time: 3pm prompt. (No Nigeria time pls!!!)

It promises to be loads of fun and informative.
Yours truly; Indira.Inc will be there to capture every bit of what’s gonna go down… Hehehe!!!

You miss it, you miss out!!!

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